Empty Saddle Club

The Empty Saddle Club is a private club dedicated to the continuation of western riding. Applications for membership are accepted as determined by the Board of Directors. The process is relatively straightforward. Once a prospective member has decided they would like to join the club, they are required to obtain 3 sponsors from the current membership (about 80 members) and submit an application with the three recommendation letters from active regular members accompanied by a membership fee of $5000 (payable in two installments no more than 6 months apart). The first installment check made out to the Empty Saddle Club, Inc. and delivered to the vice-president responsible for membership. The application committee, which normally meets monthly, will review the application and notify the applicant of the results within 30 days of the membership meeting. After acceptance, the applicant becomes an Associate Member & there is about a year long process where the Associate Member is encouraged to meet the other members and help out with various projects before the Associate Member is voted on to become a Regular Member. Membership requires a 75% affirmative vote of Voting Regular Members.

For further information please contact Kevin Moen at k.moen@gte.net

Membership Application